How to Get New High Value Patients on Repeat

New Strategies Like AI (and more) Are Why Our Doctors Stay With Us For Years Because They NEVER Worry About Where Their Next Patient is Coming From…

Schedule a Call Directly With Our CEO and Discover How to Get Consistent Patients!

Only Apply If: 

✅ You have a practice with a physical location. 

✅ You’re a functional, integrated, pain management, or dental practice

✅ You make or are close to making $750,000+ in gross yearly revenue (around $60k/month)

✅ You have at least $5,000 allocated for your monthly advertising budget

We Only Accept 3-5 Functional or Integrative Practices Every Month!

If you’re a doctor tired of switching marketing companies every month…

If your greatest desire is getting consistent and reliable patients…

If you already make over $1,000,000 in yearly revenue and are sick of filtering through the scammy marketers that aren't capable of growing your practice MORE…then listen up.

Over the past eight years, we've worked with hundreds of pain management and wellness practices.

Many of those had established practices making over a million a year in revenue. 

(A lot of those made it to 7-figures thanks to our help. 😉)

What those million+ practices have in common is that they are still working with us to this day (8 years later…)

In fact, they don’t even have to think about their marketing… 

❌ Don’t have to worry about the trends.

❌ Don’t have to stress over the messaging and disclaimers.

❌ Don’t have to waste time testing new marketing companies every month.

✅ They just do what they do best and help thousands of patients get the care they need.

In short: A long-term partnership that guarantees consistent high ticket patients. 

Here’s how. Those doctors were just like you in that they hated the B.S. that marketing companies were constantly putting them through. 

Promises like “We’ll send you 30 high ticket patients per month!”

Or “Spend $3,000 on marketing and we guarantee $150,000 in revenue! Scouts honor!”

Except Joe Schmoe marketing company only brought to the table a handful of leads– completely inconsistent and unreliable...

All you have left are the casualties of that broken promise: a blank calendar, an empty office, wasted dollars, and grayer hair. 

Annndddd now you’re back to the search for new marketing, all while thinking to yourself,

“Who is this beautiful unicorn of an agency that I’ve been searching for??”

The answer is someone that…

  1. Always stays on top of trends for you…you don’t have to even think about it. (AI, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reels…the market is constantly changing, but you just want to treat patients)

  1. Always works WITH you and your interests. They WANT to see patients getting the help they need.

  1. Always has patients filling your calendar and cycling through your door. 

And while it’s unrealistic that EVERY lead will be qualified, there will be enough to make a good profit. 

You just do what you’re good at: treat patients. 

In fact, you’re so good at what you do that you probably have staff handling the day-to-day in your office. 

And your business continues to grow with your oversight. 💃

Nik Robbins

Be Top Local Co-Founder

If we haven’t met by now, my name is Nik Robbins, and I’m one of the co-founders of Be Top Local, the leading marketing agency for functional and integrative practices to get more patients at a profit.

We work with many doctors just like you who are afraid of putting all of their eggs in one basket but dream of a company that gives consistent results, doesn’t jack up rates, and doesn’t scam you with phony guarantees.

In fact, we have successful doctors that we’ve been working with since 2016! We’re basically married to each other (don’t tell my wife).

P.S. Most marketing agencies with ridiculous claims that work with integrative and functional practices didn’t even EXIST in 2016. That’s how long we’ve been in business 😉

If that’s not evidence that we aren’t just some fly-by-night, working-in-my-mama’s-basement type of marketing company, then I don’t know what is. Although my mama's basement IS pretty snazzy. 

We are known for always being ahead of the curve.

In fact, we were one of the first companies to advertise for trends like:

  • Seminars

  • TikTok

  • Reels

  • AI

  • And so much more!

We are always looking for ways to evolve for our doctors. Everything changes quickly and we aim to be at the forefront of the changes.

Never satisfied. Never settle for less.

But if you can’t take my word for it, here’s hard evidence that we SPECIALIZE in long-term, stress-free partnerships that stay ahead of the trends. 

Dr. Berman, for example, has been our client since 2016.

He has run countless ad campaigns with us in that time (knee pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, wound care, etc.)

He has received thousands of leads in that space of time. 

He has even opened a second practice.

BOTH of his practices make multi-million dollars every year. 

He hasn’t had to worry about where his marketing or where his next patient will come from since 2016. 

No supplemental companies to fill in the gaps. 

And yes, he’s an amazing doctor and business owner, but he also credits Be Top Local and our partnership for his success.

Dr. Moorman has been our client since 2017.

We’ve been running knee pain and back pain campaigns for Dr. Moorman the last 7 years... 

In the beginning, they started marketing for only one of their offices.

They loved their leads so much that they hired us for all FOUR of their locations. 

Dr. Moorman is renowned for his level of care, and it’s due in no small part to our marketing efforts.

Dr. White has been our client since 2018.

We have run knee pain, neuropathy, migraine, and cognitive decline consistently for the last 5 years.

He started with English only ads but had so much success that he's now running Spanish ads as well!

In fact, Dr. White has spent over $300,000 on marketing YTD.

He has a robust budget every month for getting new patients inside his door.

And for good reason! He knows that we can deliver consistent and long-term results!

If you don’t believe me, here are some video testimonials from these doctors…

"Newspaper, direct mail, other marketing companies, no one else comes close!"

"Over the span of the last year, we've seen a 4:1 Return on Investment!"

"Be Top Local is able to target the people we really want to get in!"

"We've been able to reach out to a larger demo and increase the volume of our patients!"

"We went from 4-5 high ticket patients per week to 4-5 per day."

"We started right before COVID and we still easily got a 6:1 ROI."

"We increased our close rate to almost 100%"

"They were great explaining how to actually get leads in!"

Now, I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “how can you have a long-term partnership like this with so many doctors? There isn’t enough time in the day!”

That’s a great question! 

And the answer is that we DON’T work with just any doctor.

In fact, we only onboard 3 to 5 new doctors every month after a call directly with our CEO.

These are doctors that we KNOW that we can help because our CEO has an active interest in vetting them.

❌ We don’t make empty promises that we can’t keep. 

❌ We don’t jack up rates for a quick buck. 

❌ We aren’t looking to churn you through the process and spit you out once the check clears.

✅ We’re looking to work with you LONG-TERM so that you never have to worry about where your next patient is coming from ever again. 

To guarantee the success of our work, we have a few qualifications for doctors that they MUST meet.

In fact, we will flat-out refuse to work with anyone that doesn’t meet these qualifications. 

🔥 You have a practice with a physical location

🔥You’re a functional, integrated, pain management, or dental practice

🔥 You make or are close to making $750,000+ in gross yearly revenue (around $60k/month)

🔥 You have at least $5,000 allocated for your monthly advertising budget

Remember: If you don’t meet these qualifications, we likely won’t be a good fit for a long-term partnership together. 

This call is directly with our CEO and he ONLY talks to a handful of doctors a month that are serious about a partnership! His schedule isn't wide open, after all...

This could be the LAST time you ever have to search for another marketing company.

How are you guys different from other marketing companies?

Great question! We’re actually NOT just a marketing company that generates leads and calls it a day.

Many of our doctors think of us as an extension of their practice because we work so closely together to ensure patients are getting the help they need. Some of the other services we provide are:

REVOLUTIONARY AI Technology - We know how much AI is transforming the industry right now. That's why we've created a new strategy that helps raise patient show rates by an average of 27%! We've tested it on dozens of our doctors and they are overwhelmingly boasting about fuller offices.

The Bridge to New Patients - a video training course provided by an $18,000,000 Clinic Director. He goes over the strategies he implemented inside the functional practice he ran that he was able to grow from the bottom up. These trainings include: objection handling, scripting for front desk staff when calling patients, financing options, and more!

The Patient Vortex - a CRM that allows our doctors to call their leads, create email and text message automations, see all of their marketing results in one place, and more.

Database Reactivations - Unique text messages that we send to a list of patients that you’d like to get scheduled. These might be a list of leads that you generated from previous marketing companies, leads that didn’t show to their consultation, leads that expressed wanting to start your program at a future date and so much more! It is an easy way to get patients on your calendar without spending extra money on marketing.

This is just a short list of the services we provide. If you’d like to learn more, I recommend you schedule a call with our practice advisors!

Why do you only accept 3 to 5 new doctors a month?

It’s simple. It allows us to give all of our doctors the high level of service we’re known for. Our doctors stay with us for 5+ years because we work closely on ensuring their practice runs like a well oiled machine.

They don’t have to worry about where their next patient is coming from.

They don’t worry about the lead quality.

They don’t worry about the latest trends.

That’s because they know we’re on top of it and will implement what is in their best interests.

They truly only have to worry about treating patients.

We ensure this by having our CEO talk directly with you to see if we will be the perfect fit for each other....

...but his calendar isn't wide open.

That means he can only accept a handful of calls a month that are serious about a long term partnership to get new patients.

I’ve tried other marketing companies in the past and didn’t get results. How do I know this will work?

This is a great question, because a lot of our doctors have also tried different marketing companies before working with us. Our doctors have found TONS of different reasons why our system delivers real results, unlike the other marketing companies out there.

The main reason doctors stick with us is because of the consistency you get with our system. 

We’ve spent over $5mm on advertising, which gives us all the data we need to hone in on your ideal patients. 

Our team is constantly testing new strategies, copy, and the latest trends to make sure we are always on the cutting edge. In fact, many of the other marketing companies directly steal from us (but it’s like a knock off version of Rolex). 💀

 Imagine having a full calendar of patients EVERY DAY. You didn’t have to lift a finger for it. You’re just reaping the benefits. That’s the quality of service our doctors expect and receive.

Are your testimonials hired actors? Did you pay them?

Of course they’re not actors!

Our testimonials are a direct result of the quality of our services!

They are awesome doctors just like you that were happy to share about their experience because they DON’T worry about where their next patient is coming from.

They want you to reap the benefits too!

How much is your service? What is your pricing?

The pricing depends on your needs.

We customize and tailor specifically for your situation, so there is no one size fits all.

How many conditions you want to treat, how many locations you have, what kind of advertising platforms you want us active on, what other services you want to take advantage of, etc.

We can discuss this more in detail on your call.

Do you provide Customer Support or Help?

Sure do! We have a dedicated Client Success Team that is here to answer any and all questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

We know how frustrating it can be when marketing companies blow you off or disregard your concerns.

Unlike other companies, we are working closely with you every step of the process to ensure you get all of the support you need!

What kind of doctors do you work with? What conditions?

Our bread and butter is functional and integrative medical practices.

We see the best results from high ticket treatment options involving knee pain, back pain, neuropathy, erectile dysfunction, thyroid, body contouring, Type II Diabetes, and so much more!

We can discuss on our call what condition(s) would work best for our partnership.

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